Custom Wigs

Today’s men and women who want to wear wigs have more options than ever. Some of the most popular designs include natural human hair wigs, synthetic wigs and medical wigs. Before you decide which type of wig will match your needs best, you should learn more about the features of each option.

Natural Human Hair Wigs

Natural human hair wigs work well for most people because they’re easy to style. If you wear a wig made of human hair, then you can style it the same as you would your own hair. You can even use curling irons, rollers and hot blowers to add texture and volume to your hair.

When choosing human hair wigs, you need to look for designs that use “virgin” hair. Some companies use harsh chemicals to bleach and strip away the soft outermost layer of hair. Virgin hair has not been processed, so you get a softer, lighter wig with colors and textures that look natural.

Synthetic Wigs

Fashion wigs made of synthetic hair fibers rarely match the beautiful appearance of synthetic hair made for medical wigs. You want to find synthetic wigs that look as natural as possible. That way, you won’t feel self-conscious about wearing a wig.

The caps used to make synthetic wigs also play an important role in their attractiveness and comfort. You want a cap that fits well, but you also want a cap made from lightweight materials. When you pay attention to those features, you can get a comfortable wig that makes you look amazing.

Medical Wigs

Medical wigs meet higher standards than fashion wigs. By focusing on medical wigs, you will get a high-quality item that looks and feels great. Unlike fashion wigs, medical wigs are made from either natural human hair or realistic synthetic hair.

While people wear fashion wigs to alter how they look, medical wigs replace your original head of hair. If you have lost hair from chemotherapy treatments or conditions like alopecia, lupus or trichotillomania, you will want to get a medical wig that puts you at ease and makes you feel less self-conscious.

At Positive Hair Restoration, you’ll find several options for custom hair wigs, natural human hair wigs, synthetic wigs and medical wigs. Choosing the right option for you will make it easier for you to enjoy life without worrying about your hair.