Laser Hair Therapy

Thinning, balding and hair loss can happen to anyone. As hair follicles enter telogen and exogen, they cease producing hair growth and eventually shed hair. When follicles do not immediately re-enter anagen, there is no new growth from those follicles. Losing hair or seeing hair age and become dull and lifeless can make it difficult to feel good about your appearance. Laser Hair Therapy can help.


The right laser technology can help retard hair growth where you don’t want it, or encourage it where you do. Low-level laser energy is used to stimulate hair re-growth. It emits no heat, so there is no pain when using laser hair therapy, and you can use it at home. FDA-cleared devices offer safe and effective treatment options for androgenic alopecia.


Laser Bands can help you re-grow hair when you use it for as little as 90 seconds per day, three days each week. In less than five minutes a week, you could say hello to a healthy, shiny and thick head of hair. Using the Laser Band is quick, easy and painless. Simply place the device at the front of your scalp and wait 30 seconds. Move the device backward along the scalp to the mid-point for an additional 30 seconds. Finally, apply the laser band to the back of the scalp for 30 seconds. That’s it!

Clinical studies show that 90 percent of users experienced hair regrowth when using Laser Band treatments to combat hair loss. Just remember, hair takes time to grow. For best results, assess your growth after at least 16 weeks.


No treatment plan is one-size-fits-all. While Laser is approved for use with all hair colors, like with any laser treatment, skin tone can affect the results. Laser devices are cleared for use with light to medium/dark skin tones. However, many people with darker skin tones have reported using Laser Band with satisfactory results.

Discuss your options with one of our skilled technicians to develop a treatment plan that’s right for you.