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Positive Hair Restoration is here to help restore your hair.

Who We Are

About Positive Hair Restoration

Positive Hair Restoration in Tyler, Texas offers hair loss treatment solutions for men and women. We provide a wide range of hair loss restoration solutions, hair rejuvenation, and hair replacement to give every client a renewed sense of confidence, wellness and self-esteem.

As Texas’s leading hair replacement and restoration center, Positive Hair Restoration has helped thousands of men and women suffering the devastating effects of hair loss to look and feel more confident. Staffed by technically skilled and deeply committed professionals, We use only the finest quality non-surgical hair replacement techniques, hair additions and wigs to help our clients “say goodbye to hair loss anxiety” once and for all. The atmosphere is welcoming and professional, the concern for finding the right solution for your particular type of hair loss and lifestyle is paramount.

Who We Are

About Crystina

Crystina Garcia, owner of Positive Hair Restoration, is a Tyler resident and a native Texan. A Christian and a family-oriented person, Crystina loves helping others.  “I couldn’t envision doing something more fulfilling with my life than what I’m doing now,” she says.  Many of Crystina’s clients come to her after facing difficulties, and being able to help them as they work toward restoring their health and returning to who they truly are is such a pleasure, she says. “Helping others in this way is definitely my calling,” Crystina shares.

Positive Hair Restoration was founded in 1976 and operated by Michael Mahoney, the original owner. Michael was one of the founders of Transitions International Group and the American Hair Loss Council (which the company is still part of today) and under his leadership, Positive Hair Restoration had become quite successful. Five years after Crystina joined the Positive Hair team, Michael offered Crystina the opportunity to take over Positive Hair Restoration herself. Since taking over, Crystina has been able to help create positive changes for countless clients by providing individualized solutions that help them restore their confidence and their image.

Many clients come to Positive Hair Restoration due to difficult circumstances; often, new clients are suffering from hair loss due to medical issues or accidents. Typically new clients have already tried to find hair loss solutions, and have found that what they’ve been doing just hasn’t worked for them.  This is where Crystina and her team come in – their goal is to provide clients with personalized, high-quality hair replacement solutions that look as real as possible.

Hair replacement is a specialized and unique process.  During an initial consult, Crystina and her team are able to work one-on-one with clients, discussing all of the options available and creating a hair replacement that’s perfect for them.  Precise measurements are taken, color samples are meticulously compared, and clients’ specific needs are taken into account.  All of the hair systems utilized by Positive Hair Restoration are hand made. This means that the customization options are endless – different varieties and types of hair are available to clients, and any desired colors, lengths, and cut preferences are possible as well.

Hair replacement is an incredibly rewarding and emotional process, says Crystina, for both Positive Hair Restoration and for clients.  Happy tears are shed by everyone, she says, when the hair replacement process is complete.  Her clients often exclaim their hair replacement is comfortable, custom-fitted to them, and natural-looking.  “It makes everyone’s day to see a client feeling like themselves again,” Crystina says.

The Positive Hair Restoration team also approaches each and every client relationship with the utmost sensitivity; they want clients to feel safe and comfortable during their time together, and to know that Crystina and her team will respect their privacy as they work to find individualized solutions together.

Crystina feels that the best part of her work with Positive Hair Restoration is seeing the life-changing effects that hair replacement provides for her much-loved clients.  “For someone who has lost their hair over time, or who hasn’t had hair in a decade, hair replacement can be absolutely life-changing,” she says.  “It’s so rewarding to be able to help others in this way.  I can’t express how it feels to be able to give someone back the confidence that they lost years ago.”

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