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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement For Women

We offer a totally undetectable, non-surgical hair replacement treatment for women experiencing the devastating effects of female hair loss and thinning hair.

This hair system employs a revolutionary new and improved non-invasive skin like membrane grafted to your scalp’s own layers of skin that is natural looking and virtually undetectable even to the touch. Designed especially for women, it has successfully bridged the gap between surgical transplants, chemicals and conventional hair replacement.

It offers a completely natural appearing front hairline, age appropriate density and a visible scalp when the hair is parted. That is, no perceptible change in coloration, appearance or feel between the original hair and scalp and the hair and scalp that has been treated.

Its capability to replace hair in any area of the scalp, and recreate a totally natural frontal hairline, makes it ideal for sufferers of female hair loss and female pattern baldness, as well as burn and scar victims and those who suffer from alopecia.

Every woman wants to look beautiful, feel desirable, and radiate confidence. At Positive Hair Restoration, that is why we are so excited and proud to offer the world’s most beautiful natural human hair creations.

Custom Wigs

Today’s men and women who want to wear wigs have more options than ever. Some of the most popular designs include natural human hair wigs, synthetic wigs and medical wigs. Before you decide which type of wig will match your needs best, you should learn more about the features of each option.


Natural human hair wigs work well for most people because they’re easy to style. If you wear a wig made of human hair, then you can style it the same as you would your own hair. You can even use curling irons, rollers and hot blowers to add texture and volume to your hair.

When choosing human hair wigs, you need to look for designs that use “virgin” hair. Some companies use harsh chemicals to bleach and strip away the soft outermost layer of hair. Virgin hair has not been processed, so you get a softer, lighter wig with colors and textures that look natural.


Fashion wigs made of synthetic hair fibers rarely match the beautiful appearance of synthetic hair made for medical wigs. You want to find synthetic wigs that look as natural as possible. That way, you won’t feel self-conscious about wearing a wig.

The caps used to make synthetic wigs also play an important role in their attractiveness and comfort. You want a cap that fits well, but you also want a cap made from lightweight materials. When you pay attention to those features, you can get a comfortable wig that makes you look amazing.


Medical wigs meet higher standards than fashion wigs. By focusing on medical wigs, you will get a high-quality item that looks and feels great. Unlike fashion wigs, medical wigs are made from either natural human hair or realistic synthetic hair.

While people wear fashion wigs to alter how they look, medical wigs replace your original head of hair. If you have lost hair from chemotherapy treatments or conditions like alopecia, lupus or trichotillomania, you will want to get a medical wig that puts you at ease and makes you feel less self-conscious.

At Positive Hair Restoration, you’ll find several options for custom hair wigs, natural human hair wigs, synthetic wigs and medical wigs. Choosing the right option for you will make it easier for you to enjoy life without worrying about your hair.

Laser Hair Therapy

Thinning, balding and hair loss can happen to anyone. As hair follicles enter telogen and exogen, they cease producing hair growth and eventually shed hair. When follicles do not immediately re-enter anagen, there is no new growth from those follicles. Losing hair or seeing hair age and become dull and lifeless can make it difficult to feel good about your appearance. Laser Hair Therapy can help.

What is laser hair therapy?

The right laser technology can help retard hair growth where you don’t want it, or encourage it where you do. Low-level laser energy is used to stimulate hair re-growth. It emits no heat, so there is no pain when using laser hair therapy, and you can use it at home. FDA-cleared devices offer safe and effective treatment options for androgenic alopecia.

What are laser treatments?

Laser hair treatments is the newest non-surgical scientific approach to treating hair loss and thinning hair problems associated with the scalp.

Laser hair therapy maintains the appearance of the hair in 85%-93% of clients. It is effective for both men and women of all ages. The treatment helps achieve fuller, thicker, healthier looking hair, and increases the appearance of the hairs volume and strength.

There is no discomfort or negative side effects!

Clinical studies show that 90 percent of users experienced hair regrowth when using Laser hair therapy to combat hair loss. Just remember, hair takes time to grow.

For best results, assess your growth after at least 16 weeks.

Who is a good candidate for laser hair therapy?

No treatment plan is one-size-fits-all. While laser is approved for use with all hair colors, like with any laser treatment, skin tone can affect the results. Laser devices are cleared for use with light to medium/dark skin tones. However, many people with darker skin tones have reported using Laser treatments with satisfactory results.

Discuss your options with one of our skilled technicians to develop a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Hair Loss Prevention Products

XTC Hair Rejuvenation is an easy-to-use, clinically-tested hair loss prevention program designed to help control excessive hair loss, improve the quality and condition of your scalp, minimize hair loss, enhance the appearance of thin looking hair, and stimulate hair growth. It is safe and effective for men and women of all ethnicities and all hair types. These simple yet effective products are combined they are the most effective hair rejuvenation solution available! 

XTC Hair Rejuvenation is designed in steps to be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s daily routine. While it is easy to use, it requires a consistent daily commitment for at least six months to one year in order to achieve maximum benefits.


XFusion makes thinning hair look thick and full in thirty seconds or less. Men and women will love the immediate impact of XFusion keratin hair fibers on their appearance. The organic keratin fibers instantly cling to and fill out existing hair. In a matter of seconds, hair looks significantly thicker and fuller, and scalp show-through disappears. And XFusion lasts all day, through perspiration, wind and rain, as only shampoo will remove its magnetized protein fibers.

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